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TRP Group provides comprehensive accounting and legal services. Our core services include Accounting & Audit, Corporate Tax Planning & Consultation, legal advisory services, and Corporate Service from the expert team that committed to providing excellent service to our customers, as the following list:

Accounting & Audit

Our accounting is ready to serve the company, whether it is the end of the fiscal year or the preparation of monthly statements. Our audit is designed to help your business, customers, reduce the risk as much as possible, leading to new efficiencies that are aligned with your organization’s strategy. In addition, our expert team is able to create tax benefits for your business in all legitimate ways.

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Corporate Tax Planning & Consultation

We are a professional tax planner team that provides tax planning and tax consulting services to both Thai and foreign customers, including corporate tax planning or personal income tax.

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Legal Advisor

Our team has developed expertise through past experiences. We are a law firm that provides excellent service and high-quality advice to clients in a commercially practical, timely and efficient manner.

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Corporate Service

We specialize in corporate law and can help you get your new business started in Thailand whether you live here already, or are a non-resident. Our team has the expertise and experience in law and accounting that can help your organization grow and benefit from government investment promotion programs, visa applications, corporate valuation, risk assessment of Business, agreement preparation, and property possession in Thailand.

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