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Corporate Tax Planning & Consultation

We are a professional tax planner team that provides tax planning and tax consulting services to both Thai and foreign customers, including corporate tax planning or personal income tax.

a. Corporate Tax Planning

We provide accurate and complete corporate tax planning services in accordance with the guidelines. Our customers will pay taxes correctly and receive tax benefits.

b. Personal Income Tax Planning for Foreigners

For foreigners (Non-Resident), we have a service to file personal income tax returns with regard to the benefits that are exempt from income tax in Thailand.

c. Monthly Tax Filing

Our team is ready to provide a complete summary and monthly tax submission service which will help reduce your burden of preparing various documents.

d. Corporate Income Tax Filing

We provide tax filing services in the middle of the year and at the end of the year to the Revenue Department.

e. Other relevant Tax Filing

In addition, we also provide filing and other tax services, such as filing withholding tax, annual employee withholding tax, producing tax and sales tax reports, etc.