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Accounting & Audit

Our accounting is ready to serve the company, whether it is the end of the fiscal year or the preparation of monthly statements. Our audit is designed to help your business, customers, reduce the risk as much as possible, leading to new efficiencies that are aligned with your organization’s strategy. In addition, our expert team is able to create tax benefits for your business in all legitimate ways.

a. Monthly Accounting

We provide monthly accounting services, annual accounts, and prepare financial statements for every business.

b. Tax Filing

We provide tax filing services for both filing and submitting taxes to the Revenue Department and the Ministry of Commerce, which includes:

  • Employee withholding tax (PND 1)
  • Personal income tax withholding (PND 3)
  • Corporate income tax deducted at source (PND 53, PND. 54)
  • VAT (Value Added Tax )
  • Purchase tax and monthly sales tax report
  • Monthly social security contributions

And annual tax filing contain with:

  • Corporate income tax for the year (PND 51) and corporate income tax at the end of the year (PND. 50)
  • Form for submitting financial statements to the Ministry of Commerce
  • Annual employee withholding tax (PND.1A)

c. Internal Audit

We analyze and provide advice to help your organization achieve business goals by assessing the risks, organizational performance, control, and oversight that will help your business achieve its objectives.

d. Financial Statement Audit (Annual Audit)

We serve a variety of industries audit by qualified accounting standards give an opinion on the audit report that the financial statements are properly prepared in accordance with accounting policies.

e. Salary & Payroll Processing

Our team can help create salaries for your employees, such as calculating work days, OT, allowances, leave, sick leave, etc.

f. Social Security

We provide monthly social security information, regular staff entry and request for social security privileges for your employees.

g. Cashier & Payment Function

We provide cashier account settlement and payment functions.